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Boat / Watercraft Insurance

Boat / Watercraft Insurance

A boat is a unique means of freedom, one that you simply can't get from a car or an airplane. Some people are just more connected to the water and they want to enjoy it to the absolute fullest. If you feel as though you can't wait one more second until you get out on those waves and away from your worries, then you're certainly in good company. T Blackwell Insurance Group knows just how incredible the feeling of spray and sun on one's face can be, which is why we want all of the boat owners in Texas to be able to care for their watercraft properly. Part of that care means getting the right insurance for it.

When you make an investment like a boat, you really need to protect it from the elements. Texas has storms that could damage your boat and criminals who might want to steal or vandalize it. There are also guests you might invite onto it who may be injured and blame you for it. Regardless of whether you have a first-class yacht or second-hand speed boat, your boat is likely something you cherish — possibly even more than your vehicle. Having a boat sets you out from the crowd and it's worth having the right policy in place so you have someone to call when you need it the most. Our rates and policies are designed to speak to what's most important to you, and the T Blackwell Insurance Group has friendly agents who can tell you more about it all.

You might be surprised at just how much you're missing out on when it comes to your boat and just how affordable it can be. If you're looking for a quote or just interested in the basics of boat insurance, call us to find out more about what you'll pay and what you'll get from your policy.

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