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Flood Insurance

T Blackwell Insurance Group works to provide our Texas customers a complete line of insurance products including flood insurance. While your regular home insurance policy protects your investment from fire, wind and other catastrophes, it doesn't cover the structure when the damage is caused by rising waters. We would like to sit down with you and discuss the risk you face from the possibility of floods.

When Living in a Flood Plain

If your home is situated next to a river, creek, or even a storm drain or ditch, it may be logged on county records as being built in a flood plain. Your mortgage company may require flood insurance in this case. However, almost 20% of claims against flood insurance are made by people living outside a flood plain. An updated survey of your property can help determine the chances it may be subject to rising water for any number of reasons.

Protect Your Home from Storm Runoff

When your property is located at the bottom of a hill, even in a dry area of the region, heavy rain water and sudden summer storms can overwhelm street drainage systems. Water damage in your basement resulting from this type of incident will not be covered by traditional home insurance policies. Flood insurance will be able to make repairs, allowing your family to get on with their lives.

Catastrophic Hurricanes are Possible

Every person living in Texas has seen their fair share of severe weather. Even if your property has survived torrential rains in the past, the damage caused by weather systems such as hurricanes can result in water rising from unexpected locations. Flood insurance helps to fill in the gaps left by other insurance when Mother Nature wreaks havoc.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at T Blackwell Insurance Group to ensure that your family and property are protected in every possible situation.

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